Aborted Before Take-Off

Transracial has long saluted low-cost airlines across the globe — particularly in developing markets such as Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. So this week’s report that Malaysian officials have scrapped plans for a new terminal in Kuala Lumpur solely operated by regional budget king AirAsia is particularly disheartening. We’ve been following the up-and-comer’s ascent for a few years now, highlighting its role in both opening new markets to aviation-deprived Asians as well as a wallet-friendly tool for Asia-hopping foreigners. According to this week’s Economist (www.economist.com/world/asia/displaystory.cfm?story_id=13061352) old-fashion government intervention proved to be the new terminal’s demise. Not good!

For more information on low-cost carriers around the world, check out these handy links:





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