Devvie Does Hollywood

360px-freidapintodevpatel08tiffSlumdog Millionaire breakout Dev Patel (seen here with co-star Frida Pinto) has just landed his first post-Slum blockbuster role as Prince Zukio in Paramount’s upcoming film The Last Airbender. Patel’s quick move from Bollywood to Hollywood suggests that the latter is finally waking up to the potential — and potency — of the former. Nearly a decade ago, Anglo-Indian actress Parminder Nagra appeared on Hollywood’s radar screen thanks to her stellar performance in cult hit Bend it Like Beckham. While Nagra was the clear flick favorite, it was co-star Keira Knightley who ultimately rose to movie-star status, with Nagra settling for a recurring role on ER. True, mass-media success on any level would be widely welcomed by most struggling actors. But Transracial can’t help but wonder whether Nagra’s ultra-Punjabi name and curry-colored skin are the real reasons she still on the small-screen, while Knightley conquers the big screen. Let’s hope a decade later, Patel and Pinto avoid a similar fate.


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  1. […] co-star Dev Patel also already linked to a big new role, it appears as if the Slumdog sweethearts will live happily ever […]

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