The King Still Rules

visuel_gr_lagerfeldChanel may have recently laid-off 200 employees and scrapped the rest of its ill-conceived Mobile Art world tour, but house designer Karl Lagerfeld remains a master at self-promotion. More than a decade after Isaac Mizrahi launched the designer-expose-as-entertainment trend with Unzipped, Lagerfeld will be the subject of his own exercise in self-revelation (or is it self-indulgence?) with Lagerfeld Confidential . The style-documentary premieres on the Sundance Channel this Monday and is already garnering surprisingly positive reviews.
If you’re still down with the genre, Vogue devilista Anna Wintour will be the focus of her own behind-the-scene peek-a-boo later this year via The September Issue, which received much love at last month’s Sundance Film Festival


3 Responses to “The King Still Rules”

  1. I saw Lagerfeld Confidential a few weeks ago at a screening in Toronto. Pure genius!!

  2. transracial Says:

    i’m wanna get my hands on a copy

  3. […] we reported a while back, the movie chronicles Wintour and co’s arduous journey to put out Vogue’s hefty — […]

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