The Revolution Will Be Luxury-ized

cottagesBack in 1993, Transracial had the privilege of spending six weeks in the tiny island of Grenada — 10 years after the U.S. invasion to squash Morris Bishop’s fledgling socialist revolutionary government. Since that time, Grenada — one of the Caribbean’s southern-most nations and the world’s second-largest producer of nutmeg — has slowly emerged on the luxury tourism scene. While it certainly has all of the must-visit goods — gin-clear seas, thick jungle, towering volcanic peaks — its reputation for revolution and free-spirited locals have kept it blessedly off the mass-market tourism radar. That could all change, however, after today’s massive front-page feature in The New York Times , which charts Grenada’s many touristic wonders. While still giving props to its post-Revolutionary spirit, the piece sheds light on the island’s increasing lure to bold-name travel types — including notable fashionistas Anna Wintour and Kate Moss. If heading to Greneda, Transracial suggests checking in to check out Laluna, the sleek, Balinese-inspired retreat owned by former Prada-exec Bernardo Bertucci and his Trinidadian wife Wendy (see above). The duo recently launched a bijoux spa and a series of accompanying yoga workshops.


One Response to “The Revolution Will Be Luxury-ized”

  1. David
    it looks great
    i love the graphic of your blog and it is very user friendly

    of course thank you for talking about us

    i hope you come to laluna soon to experience first hand our new addition
    bb & wendy

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