Right on Track

800px-ave_tarragona-madridEven with oil prices plummeting, air travel is not what it used to be — especially on short distances. Which is why European transport policy types are returning to terra firma. Right now both public and private thinkers are concentrating on train travel, with new high-speed systems popping up continent-wide. On the private side, mega firms such as Air France-KLM and Virgin are either investing or pondering investment in large-scale train networks in their home markets while down in Spain, some 9,000 new KM will be added to the national rail grid over the next decade. The Iberian additions compliment the year-old high-speed route between Barcelona and Madrid, which zooms the 500 km distance between the two cities in less than 90 minutes. Spanish authorities hope to eventually have 90 percent of their citizens within less than 50km of a well-connected station. That’s one plan we’re certainly on board with.


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