Not Fit for the Runway

While the rest of Israel was busy voting yesterday, Tel Aviv-based fashion photographer Adi Barkan was consumed with a far different kind of campaign. He was holding a press conference decrying the body-fascism so prevalent in the fashion/modeling industry, according to local media source, Israel21c. As part of his pro-body mission, Barkan is holding a six-week training course for local young ladies focusing on all sorts of modeling magic — but with a focus on healthy body size. The whole thing will be trailed…natch!…by Israel’s big-time Channel 2 — from auditions all the way through their final reveal. The entire operation is being named Simply U and includes notable sponsors such a L’Oreal. Let’s hope the whole effort is indeed worth it. Barkan began his crusade following the tragic death of local model Hila Elmalich in 2007 from anorexia. At the time of her death, she was just 60 pounds!!! Not good!


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