Giving Peace a Chance

953profil02_hh1 Finally some good news coming out of the Holy Land. Israeli Arab singer Mira Awad (above) has been selected to represent Israel in this May’s Eurovision contest in Moscow. It is the first time Israel has ever selected an Arab to sing on its behalf and Awad — a local stage and TV starette — will be sharing the stage Transracially with Jewish-Israeli singer, Noa. Both have worked together before and Noa — who’s sung with big shots like Sting — has been a long-time peace activist type. We’ve met Mira and can confirm she’s totally rad. And our niece is named Noa, so clearly that’s all good.

Right now both, says her manager, “are in the studio recording for Eurovision”. Perhaps. We do know that Transracial’s attempts to interview the pair are resulting in annoyance and frustration and considering Israel’s often dismal Eurovision scores, we hope they wisely milk their media moment with grace and intelligence.

UPDATE: We’re speaking with them tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Giving Peace a Chance”

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