Russian Invasion

logo Yandex is probably one of the most important companies few people have ever heard of. What is it? Russia’s biggest search engine — which is soon opening an R+D facility in Google-landia, Silicon Valley. Yandex — short for Yet Another Index — is the rare company that has managed to fight Google off on their home turf, controlling more than half of the massive Russian market. Like Google, Yandex is headed by young programmer types — who have managed to corral Russia’s best and brightest to tout their product. Even former President Putin has come under the Yandex spell: Two years ago Yandex hosted a live TV chat with Putin, asking him all kinds of crazy questions — and they got crazy answers. When pressed to reveeal “when was the first time you had sex”, the Russian strongman replied “I don’t remember the first time, but I certainly remember the last — I can pinpoint it down to the minute.” Frisky!


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