First Lady Face Off

capt36f6adf37a71490e8d3cbb32539e146baddition_fashion_michelle_obama_vogue_nyls505 hillary-clinton-vogue-cover-photo2 Michelle Obama’s March Vogue cover is out — and it’s all over town. And as you can see from the pics above, she is the second First Lady ever to grace the front of the style bible following Hillary Clinton back in 1998. While it’s certainly shocking enough to see a Black first lady on Vogue’s cover — seeing a black woman on the cover at all is reason enough for celebration. Indeed, African-American covers are so rare for the Conde Nast chief read that when Ugandan-American model Kiara was on the cover back in the late 1990s it helped spark an entire article in The New York Times. It seems as if Black cover models “just do not sell”, say marketers and ad big-wigs. Yet, curiously Vogue chose to put Mrs. Obama on the cover of its uber-important March spring fashion issue, while Mrs. Clinton warranted a less-coveted December slot. It will be interesting to see — especially in this tender economic moment — which cover sells better.


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