Salaam Dubai

burj Our love affair with Dubai is OVER! The glitzy emirate — soon to welcome the world’s tallest building, the Burj Dubai, above — has refused to allow Israeli tennis ace Shahar Peer into the country to compete in the upcoming WTE tournament in the desert down. Emirati authorities insisted they would permit ALL players into the country (including Israelis ) — as neighboring Qatar did. But the recent war in Gaza has apparently caused them to change their minds. Not good! While we support every effort to encourage the ISRAELI GOVERNMENT to better deal with its Arab neighbors and citizens, punishing sports figures such as Shahar only damages global good will and sets back any hope for dialogue and co-existence. Moreover, considering this recent damning report on the state of Dubai’s economy, we would think the destination would welcome any tourist willing to visit. We’ve been to Dubai before — until things change, we won’t be back!


3 Responses to “Salaam Dubai”

  1. so much for progressive arab thinking. thanks for posting this important piece of information. Shachar Peer deserves better and its a slap in the face of fair competetive sports. Bad Arabs, Bad.

  2. Shame on Dubai. I had business there recently, and was creeped to learn Israeli’s not allowed in the country. Scratch visiting there ever for pleasure. And scratch doing biz with them as well. As with S. Africa and apartheid, such practices should not be tolerated by the global village.

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