Housingworks’ Chic Boutik

febs1 NYC-based HIV services organization Housing Works is known city — if not country — wide for its numerous thrift and book stores. Their goods are donated by urban swells looking to altruistically off-load used gear. And the shops’ profits are used to help Housing Works clients contending with HIV, drug abuse, poverty and other societal ills. Thinking locally — but acting globally — Housing works is RIGHT NOW opening their first-ever international thrift shop, the FEBS Boutik (above) in the small hamlet of St. Marc in Haiti. While the location is admittedly off-the-beaten-path, the need could not be greater: Haiti is both the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere and boasts the highest HIV infection rate in the Americas. Not good! The new shop is named after the Foundation Esther Boucicault, which is working to remove the stigma of HIV and GLBTs in Haiti and is headed by the activist of the same name, one of the few Haitians “out” about her positive HIV status. The foundation first garnered global headlines last December on International AIDS Day when it held a very out-and-proud march through the streets of St. Marc which is considered to be the first-ever openly GLBT parade in the Caribbean. The new boutique is will be stocked with Housing Works goods from its New York warehouses and overseen by Boucicault and her team and is yet another impressively brave statement by this true under-the-radar-hero.
Right on!


3 Responses to “Housingworks’ Chic Boutik”

  1. Dana Dickey Says:

    Wait who is donating and who will be buying the donated goods here? the Upper Classes in Haiti? Are the Upper Classes large enough and sympathetic enough to support this sort of venture? I am wondering about this business model.

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