Conde Nast Looks for Love

lovebeth550 Although things could not be worse for America’s publishing industry, our friends at Conde Nast in Britain are apparently feeling confident. They’ve just launched a new — yes new! — magazine called LOVE. Focused in luxury, fashion and art, the very artsy cover features the voluptuous singer Beth Ditto in all of her cherubic glory. Indeed, we’re not sure what’s braver for the Conde Nasties — debuting a new magazine during the worst media downturn in…like…forever. Or actually featuring a full-figured woman on the cover.


2 Responses to “Conde Nast Looks for Love”

  1. […] Transracial readers already know, Zukhova replaces Pop founding editor Katie Grand, who defected to Conde Nast to launch the newly debuted style competitor, […]

  2. […] yes, she’s fat and she’ fab — on the cover of their new British fashion mag, Love, but they put a Black woman on the cover of American Vouge’s April issue. The second sistah […]

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