Downtown Delight: Sweetiepie

dining-room-v1 Aided by our trusty Transracial plus-one, we headed downtown last night for dinner and drinks at Sweetiepie, the new restaurant opened in the West Village by literary progeny Luke Janklow and his…er…(place descriptive here) Julie. The place is nothing if not fun! Surrounded by mirrors, the front dining room is a riot of psychedelic pink furniture tempered by cool, calming white walls. In the corner is a semi-private table capped — bird-cage like — by a metal lattice. Different! In the back is a second dining room decorated fresco-like with kid-friendly paintings of race cars and horses. As for the food — it’s upscale comfort goodies, with a menu that we are sure had a once-over by Janklow family-friend Mario Battali. We had a perfect roast chicken set on a pile of buttery leeks and potatoes, an excellent tomato and mozzarella spiked with truffle oil and even a classic bowl of split pea soup. Save room for dessert — but as much or as little as you desire. Cakes come in both full- and mini-sizes and are sweet, rich and tasty. Yum!

19 Greenwich Avenue; 212-337-3333


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