DAILY TRANSRACIAL: Benjamin Bronfman, Jr.

mia000x0381x600 If you’re like us, you’ve been so busy paying attention to M.I.A. and her new son, that you’ve failed to give any thought to her Baby Daddy. That’s why we’re here. Turns out the proud papa is none other than Benjamin Bronfman, Jr — AKA Ben Brewer — a guitar player now with the band Bermuda (above, with M.I.A. herself). We like that Bronfman chose to go by the professional name “Brewer” and keep Bronfman on the DL. Why, you might ask. Because not only is Bronfman the main man of MIA, he is the son of billionaire Edgar Bronfman, Jr (a Jew and record mogul whose family founded Seagrams) and his first wife Sherry (an African-American). Which makes Bronfman not only a Jew-latto (like Transracial himself), but one majorly rich Jew-latto as well (unlike your’s truly). We’re not sure what this all means — except that Benjamin and M.I.A.’s baby is Anglo-Sri Lankan/Jewish/Black. And that’s quite an achievement for being barely a week old.

Nice one!


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