Pharrell Williams: Groovy and Green

399px-pharrell_performing_september_20081 While we may personally not be the most hip-hoppy of hipsters, there’s no doubt that music-maker, producer, fashion titan and all-around totally-cool-dude Pharrell Williams (above) rocks it! But wait — there’s more! Not only is Williams a music and fashion whiz, he’s also gone green — in a big way. Late last year Williams bought a stake in the niftily-named firm Bionic Yarn, a newish biz which develops environmentally sustainable fabrics and yarns from recycled goodies such as a plastic bottles. We like it!

Along with being the main man for music types, Williams hopes his firm will become a must-use resource for fashion designers with stylish green thumbs.

Good work!


One Response to “Pharrell Williams: Groovy and Green”

  1. I think that is fantastic. I would really like pointers on how to take my mobile day spa service to a green level. I am having a challenge locating spa sheets for my spa table as well as !00% organic products. Products may state that they are organic but most only require a certain state percentage approval to list organic on their products. We’re currently working on locating the perfect eco hybrid vehicle that will support our spa table for travels. I think it is fantastic that the skateboard kid is showing his style the green way…. Go Dude Go!!!!

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