22q4-190 While her views may not be popular among the global donor elite, Zambian-born/London-based economist Dambisa Moyo is having a bit of a moment. Author of the new book “Dead Aid” (out March 17), Moyo — a former Goldman Sachs big-wig — argues that the billions of dollars Africa receives in international aid is actually stifling the continent. The money fosters corruption, stifles creativity and hold Africa back. Her biggest ire: Celeb do-gooders such as Bono who’ve misguidedly — if not dangerously — turned Africa into their post-colonial pet projects.

No more shes says!

Moyo’s unorthodox views can be read in this week’s New York Times Magazine — though for a far more complex look at her work and thinking, read the following Financial Times profile from a few weeks back.

With her blue-chip credentials, radical thinking and sexy visage, Dambisa Moyo is one Daily Hotness worth reading.


4 Responses to “DAILY HOTNESS: Dambisa Moyo”

  1. That horrible wig / weave is not sexy!!!

  2. Atlchris Says:

    I smell a a hater..

  3. […] in February, we wrote about economist and author Dambisa Moyo, whose new book Dead Aid offers a scathing critique of the conventional international aid […]

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