Is The New York Times Copying Us?

Way back on February 12th we ran THIS item about the upcoming Eurovision duet between Arab-Israeli singer Mira Awad and Jewish-Israeli singer Noa. Both will represent Israel at Eurovision in Moscow in May — marking the first time an Arab-Israeli has sung for her nation.

Apparently we were on to something. Now The New York Times has appeared with this piece, set to run in tomorrow’s edition telling its readers what Transracial readers already know: That the duo are to perform. That Israel’s left and right have issues. And that both Noa and Mira are multi-culti hotties.

We heart the Times for reporting the story — but wonder what took them so long?

PS: The Times has not always been so late to the Israel-as-Eurovision-Maverick trend. Back in 2006, the Times published
this article about Eddie Butler, a member of Israel’s ultra-tiny Black Hebrew minority and that year’s Israeli Eurovision entrant.

Gripping reportage — if we do say so ourselves!


2 Responses to “Is The New York Times Copying Us?”

  1. Imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery….keep up the good sleuthing, transracial!

  2. […] It’s not the first time The Times has been late to the Transracial table. […]

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