Are Kerry and Bibi Buddies?

ISRAEL US Senator John Kerry was recently in Israel where he shared some face-time with Israeli Foreign Minister — and potential future Prime Minister — Tzipi Livni. Indeed, as the photo above shows, the duo were in Israel’s southern city of Sderot to view first-hand the risk Israel faces from the nearby Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. Livni served as Kerry’s local guide in the midst of her center-left party’s attempt to form a new Israeli government, declaring (with Kerry at her side), that “Kadima represents a number of things Israel needs, from advancing the peace process and fighting terror to domestic issues that have to be addressed.”

Yet the same day Kerry went sight-seeing with Livni, he also cozied up with her main rival, Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu. Indeed, he and wife Theresa Heinz Kerry enjoyed a very convivial dinner with Netanyahu and his wife Sara at the new haute eatery Scala in the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem. Kerry indulged in an endive salad and seared chicken breast, Bibi ate seared sea bream.

While we’re unsure what exactly was discussed at the table, as a staunch Obama democrat, Kerry’s support of Bibi would likely not go down well with the White House.


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