HAPPENING: Michael Jackson’s Beat Goes on With a Summer 2009 London Tour

michael-jackson-torna-sulluomo-vogasp13994img1 Pop music land has been buzzing for months with word that Michael Jackson is planning a big-time comeback tour this summer. Now we can confirm that the shows will indeed go on! Jackson — who’s 50, yes 50! — will perform a series of concerts over 30 days at London’s 02 Arena. His rumored paycheck for each: $2 million to fill the 20,000-seat theater. Apparently, London was chosen over the USA by Jackson’s team in order to capitalize on his still-strong appeal to global audiences — many of whom are willing to shell up to $1,500 per set for VIP packages. No word on whether that appeal extends to the star’s reported battle with icky — and potentially deadly — MRSA-like skin infections.

Nonetheless, if all goes well, notes our insider, Jackson will extend the tour to 80 total performances both in the UK and the region. Look for the moon-walking to begin sometime in July — with proceeds likely to be earmarked for Jackson’s sizable debts.

With Madonna also touring in Europe this summer, it will be a battle of the 50 year-old Yankee divas across the continent.

Sony and Jackson are staying tight lipped, but we’re told to look for a formal announcement with the quickness.


3 Responses to “HAPPENING: Michael Jackson’s Beat Goes on With a Summer 2009 London Tour”

  1. Arya Aghaee Says:

    Asheghetam ta hamishe

  2. nosean tan humillativos con el señor el que a tantas personas ayudo y ustedes humillandolo no es gusto.

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