American Apparel’s Doomed BUTT Boy

coveraa We recently overheard downtown types talking about the latest edition of BUTT Magazine, a “Homo Quarterly” that comes out of Amsterdam focusing on avant-edge Gay culture (above). The new issue is chock-full of BUTT-styled eye candy: An opening pictorial of 25 bare butts shot in an East Village bar leading to a closing page featuring BUTT’s Mr. 2000 – the 2,000th entry to its on-line community of Buttheads, or devoted (and often de-clothed) readers.

What really caught our eye, however, was the back cover (above). This specially-commissioned American Apparel advert features young Quetzalcoatl Rangel Sanchez (AKA Quetzal), a Mexico City-based fashion designer and underground style presence who died in September at age 23 under circumstances as yet to be determined. Apparently, Quetzal had always wanted to appear in BUTT — whose models lean toward the hairy and muscled — but never quite made into print.

Enter American Apparel. Never one to shy away from marrying sex with fashion, they commissioned this special advert (above) for BUTT’s current issue as a loving tribute to Quetzal. It’s not the first time the fashion brand has gotten into the BUTT business — earlier this year American Apparel raised the ire of Canadian shoppers for stocking the magazine in their stores. The firm also has a history of producing provocative Gay-themed ads.

While we find American Apparel’s latest advertising gesture endearing, it also feels a bit…well…morbid, creepy and a little OTT.

True, fashion transcends all colors and cultures. We’re just not sure it transcends from the living to the dead.


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