Slave Labor at The New York Observer

We understand that times could not be tougher in media land, but the practice of newspapers and magazine not paying freelancers is reaching epidemic — and downright unacceptable — levels. Yesterday, we learned that long-time fave The New York Observer has kinda/sorta stopped paying freelancers.

And we can personally attest that the Observer is not alone. Publications across the nation are stretching out the payment process from what used to weeks to months. In the meantime, freelancers are somehow trying to survive while literally still working for free.

It’s got to stop.

New York’s Freelancers Union has created this petition demanding The Observer pay its writers. Sign it — and hopefully Observer scribes — and your’s truly — will start seeing checks again in the mail.


3 Responses to “Slave Labor at The New York Observer”

  1. This is very important. Thank you for taking the time to write about this. Hopefully this will STOP!

  2. Vanessa Spann Says:

    Shocking and abusive … I am glad you are bringing this up and hope word is spread widely.

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