THIS JUST IN: Israeli Idol Coming to America


Kochav Nolad (A Star is Born) is Israel’s massively successful version of American Idol — and it is coming to America. According to our spies, the show will soon arrive on our shores to hold auditions for Americans and ex-Israelis living in America to appear on it seventh season. Contestants must be between 16 and 30 years old and be able to sing in Hebrew. Organizers will be the USA in April and May to scope out talent and the show will begin shooting in Israel later in the summer. A similar contestant-finding operation was held in South America a few years back.

While the competition will be tough, the payback could be impressive. Not only do Kochav Nolad winners go on to major pop music careers (at least in Israel), but Kochav judge Gal Uchovsky is one of the nation’s top movie writers and producers. You may know his work: Flicks like Yossi & Jagger, Walk on Water and The Bubble were major Hebrew homo hits.

As for those try-outs, sure the Hebrew-singing portion will be tough for some. But if Charlotte York can go Jewish — you can too!

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3 Responses to “THIS JUST IN: Israeli Idol Coming to America”

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  2. hey guys, maybe you can check this girl out.. shes oprah’s protege and david foster’s new talent. maybe you can invite her to be a special guest in your show kokhav nolad.. check out the website. shes amazing.

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