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UPDATE: Visit to Colombia

Posted in NEWS on March 30, 2009 by transracial


Transracial is alive and well in Cartagena (above) — and coming to the end of an amazing trip to Colombia with RC.

Look for new postings by midweek and the entire inside scoop on South America’s coolest nacion.

Until then, we’ll be hiding out at the Hotel Delirio — dangerously close to our new favorite bakery.



Posted in ESCAPE, NEWS on March 18, 2009 by transracial


Transracial readers: We’ve embraced our inner Juan Valdez and have gone to Colombia!

Look for more Transracial goodness upon our return on April 1st.

Until then, enjoy the archive.

And send us tips, fan-mail or simply random thoughts.



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Thirty two-year old Rashida Jones (above), is not only Transracial (dad is African American musical legend Quincy Jones/mom is former Mod Squad star Peggy Lipton) — but she’s a JewLatto (Black and Jewish), just like Transracial himself.

Lucky her!

Having made her initial media mark on Boston Public and The Office, Jones will this week appear in cinemas in the new comedy I love You Man with the delightfully dishy Paul Rudd.

Debuting on Friday, Jones’ turn as Rudd’s fiance marks another example of much-needed color-blind casting and could perhaps be the career-turning role Jones needs to conquer the big screen as she’s done the small.

Good luck!

Noa and Mira Talk to Time

Posted in MEDIA MOMENT, NEWS on March 17, 2009 by transracial


Yes we know they’re copying us, but what’s a blog to do.

Multi-culti Eurovision contestants Mira Awad and Noa of Israel (above) are currently featured in Time Magazine — where they are profiled in the following expertly written piece.

Their beat, as we can all see, certainly goes on!

SPOTTED: Ralph Fiennes and Fisher Stevens Dining at Zampa

Posted in NEWS on March 16, 2009 by transracial


Trusty Transracial spy AG was doing dinner last night with JB at Zampa, the groovy West Village wine bar (above) when restaurant regulars Ralph Fiennes and Fisher Stevens came in for a bite together.

Sadly, that’s all we can report — for now!

WELLS FARGO: America’s Most-Secure Bank

Posted in NEWS on March 16, 2009 by transracial


Perhaps mother is always right!

Although she didn’t have a lot of the stuff, back when he was a kid in Cali, Transracial’s mom used to deposit her cash at Wells Fargo bank.

Far too many decades later, it turns out mom was on to something.

In a recently released report by Global FInance Magazine ranking the world’s 50 safest banks, Wells Fargo came out tops in the USA.

Good news for them. Bad news for the nation.

Because it seems as if Wells Fargo’s top spot was way down at No 21 for the entire world.

Way to go America!

So where is your money safest on Earth — at Germany’s KfW bank.

Prost to them!

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Copying Us Again!

Posted in MEDIA MOMENT, NEWS on March 16, 2009 by transracial


It’s been nearly a week since we told you about LGBT activist group FIERCE’s battle to have part of Manhattan’s Pier 40 transformed into a youth/community center.

Now The New York Times has gotten in on the fierceness with an article from this past Sunday telling Transracial readers what they already know.

+ That the kids like to hang on the Westside Piers.

+ They they’re mostly Black and Latino.

+ And that the cops are not their friends.

It’s not the first time The Times has been late to the Transracial table.

Let’s hope the added exposure in yesterday’s paper helps Fierce get that center built.