Downtown Danger

According to a recently-released report from pedestrian-activist group Transportation Alternatives, New York City is a hit-and-run waiting to happen. The group recently released data indicating that upto 70 percent of all drivers are speeding on Manhattan streets — many at deadly levels. One of riskiest thoroughfares: East Houston Street — where 14 people were killed and 562 people were injured by speeding motorists from 1995 to 2005. The problem isn’t so much the number of actual speeders — but their speeding. Cars traveling over 40 mph have a 70 percent of killing the pedestrians or bikers they hit. Almost 40 percent of East Houston Street drivers are traveling far beyond the legal (30 mph) limit.



2 Responses to “Downtown Danger”

  1. Houston St. is ridiculous. I just got rear-ended in this very spot.

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