Initiative X

Manhattan’s shifts into art mode this week with the arrival of both the annual Armory Show and Scope Art Fair.


We’ll be popping around to both — along with artsy newcomer, The X-Initiative.

Yet another example of the “guerrilla” trend taking over fashion, food and now art, X-Initiative will only be in place for one year.

During that time it will be housed at on West 22nd Street and present four artistic endeavors including this first phase, debuting March 7:

On the ground floor, Mika Tajima will create an installation that is part film set, stage, greenroom and prop house. Titled The Extras, the installation will include 35 sculptures, a range of performances and two videos. On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors, X will present an extensive survey of the work of Derek Jarman, one of the most radical figures of British independent cinema. The exhibition will feature 18 super-8 mm films rarely seen in the US. On the roof, Christian Holstad’s Light Chamber (Part Two), an installation modeled after gay leather sex clubs and high-end spas, features a useable tanning bed and an extreme sound component.

In addition to these three exhibitions, the renowned, site-specific light work untitled by Dan Flavin (above) will be reinstalled in the stairwells of the building. Created in 1996, the work is on loan from Dia Art Foundation and will be on view for the duration of X.



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