The Czech Republic’s Unkindest Cut


The Czech Republic — and especially its capital Prague — are considered some of the most romantic and atmospheric destinations in all of Europe. But things are not so rosy for Czech sex offenders — nearly 100 of whom have been castrated over the past decade, according to reports. Clearly, sex offenders must be handled with the severest consequences. But as many Czech convicts are both castrated without their knowledge or without full-disclosure of its consequences, does such a move violate their basic civil liberties.

Many human rights groups seem to think so — and are petitioning Prague to end this practice and replace it with a more humane effort to either incarcerate sex offenders or work towards their rehabilitation.

What do you think about all this?


2 Responses to “The Czech Republic’s Unkindest Cut”

  1. Geoffrey Weill Says:

    How can one be castrated without one’s knowledge? When they say “castrated” do they mean “neutered with medication?” “Castration” is the physical removal of the testicles.

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