The Superdome’s New Superskin

Remember back during Hurricane Katrina when New Orleans’ massive Superdome stadium got all messed up?

Well almost four years later, the famed 34 year-old structure is finally getting a much-needed touch-up. Right now Baton Rouge-based firm Trahan Architects is currently installing 400,000 square feet of new aluminum skin to resurface damaged portions of the Superdome’s exoskeleton.

Far out!

As the image above illustrates, when completed in 2010, the new and improved Superdome’s $200 million make-over will conform with its original, iconic aesthetic while upgraded and retrofitted for the 21st century.


2 Responses to “The Superdome’s New Superskin”

  1. Any kind of improvement in New Orleans is always a good thing. The Mahalia Jackson Theatre of Performing Arts in the French Quarter was also just recently re-opened. It was a great night with a surprise performance by Itzhak Perlman. Keep up this awesome blog.

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