Recreo’s Layoff Special


Things are looking so bad for the hard-hit travel industry and American workers that one tropical resort has cleverly figured out a way to bring some relief to them both.

And it means there is finally some good news for the employment-challenged.

Costa Rica’s year-old Recreo Resort is offering free night stays for travelers recently laid-off.

The all-villa property — with its complex of 25 modernist, luxury digs spread over 70 acres — offers one night free for every four-night stay; two nights free for every five-night stay. The deal is on top of Recreo’s already reduced rate of $149 per person/per night.

Just what we like to hear!

Located on the Pacific-front Guanacaste Peninsula, each Recreo villa houses between six and 12 vacationers — only ONE of whom must be recently laid-off for the ENTIRE villa to qualify for the free night. Recreo is close to fancy five-stars like the Four Seasons — but far lower-key and cooler.

Every villa comes with alfresco dining salon, a private pool, and even personal chefs and housekeepers— along with Wi-Fi, flat-panel TVs, and iPod docks. Price includes food and drinks — along with vaca essentials such as gym, horseback riding, mountain biking, kayaking and tennis.


Guanacaste’s Liberia Airport is easily reached by non-stops from NYC, Chicago, Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles. And a quick spin around the Web found round-trip ticket from NYC starting at just $349!

We suggest you go now — before that unemployment runs out.


2 Responses to “Recreo’s Layoff Special”

  1. Scotty Reiss Says:

    finally, some good news!

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