Geisai Returns to Tokyo


Although we’ve got nothing against the man personally, Transracial is a bit jolly that the whole Takashi Murakami moment appears to be ending.

His incessant self-promotion and endless co-branding endeavors were just a bit too much — even for media/marketing madmen such as ourselves.

But we do support Murakami’s embrace of young Japanese artists and his commitment to their success. Which is why if we happen to be in Tokyo this Sunday, we’ll be sure to check out Geisai No. 12 — an annual fair where local artists deal directly with the public with no gallery in between. The brain-child of Murakami, the fair — held at the Tokyo Big Sight, East Two and Three Hall — will include some 1,000 booths where young creatives will interact with potential fans to be.

Geisai has made its mark as one of Japan’s most fertile outlets for undiscovered talent — and in recent years has made guest appearances as uber-fairs including Art Basel in Switzerland and Miami (as seen above).

If you find a moment to pop by, do report back.


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