Cirque du Single


You’ve gotta applaud the folks down in Australia for creativity. Just when we thought we had heard of every possible form of dating, Sydney’s Aerialize Aerial Theatre has come up with this gold nugget: A new Single’s Circus Night — for Gays and Lesbians.

Launching on March 12, the three-hour evening will see 16 men and 16 women relate — and hopefully date — as they tight-rope walk, fly on a trapeze, silk-tissu climb, hula-hoop and other acrobatics. The idea is for the singles to meet-and-greet one another as they pass through the theater performing each trick and tumble. There’s lots of touching and balancing — but in a PG kinda way. And at the end of it all, there are bottles of bubbly to keep the mood festive.

It’s all overseen by a pair of acrobat pros who keep things safe yet sexy, and guide the group apres acrobatics to a local pub where the loving, it is hoped, might really take off.

The March 12 Gay and Lesbian event follows a pair of successful Circus Singles Nights for heteros earlier this year. Founder and instructor Bel Macedone says taking the evening Gay was inevitable. “We had so many requests for such a night because so many of our aerialists are Gay,” she explains. “The local Gay press is really keen on the evening.”

Macedone invited Transracial down to Down Under to take a spin on the high-wire.

Our decision, you might say, is still up in the air.


2 Responses to “Cirque du Single”

  1. Can we have this in NYC? (not for me of course, but I know a few friends who’d appreciate the acrobatics!)

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