Salt Goes Goy!


Transracial spies from the West Coast have just informed us of a newly-launching salt that hopes to do for Jesus what Kosher salt is doing for Moses.

Apparently retired Maryland barber Joe Godlewski was fed up with the Kosher crowd monopolizing the salt market and is soon to launch Christian salt — yes Christian salt.

His new Blessed Christian Salt will be blessed by a real Episcopal priest and will be available online or
via Christian book-stores or church-based fundraising efforts.

Godlewski says he want to add some ecumenical balance to the sodium-sphere.

Kosher salt-folk are reacting, as expected, with ample Oys!


2 Responses to “Salt Goes Goy!”

  1. what worries me is that the man stated if the salt is successful, he will market a whole line of new Xian products: rye bread, pickles and bagels.

    if this happens, all we’re have left is usurious moneylending and Hollywood.

    (also, i already know what a Christian Bagel tastes like. come to San Francisco and eat any bagel and you will too.)

  2. transracial Says:

    i am from san fran. i know what they taste like

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