BUSTED: Spanish Coast Steals from Down Under


Spanish tourism officials are in big trouble — for being big-time poseurs. It appears as if the advertisement above by Spain’s Costa Brava Pyrenees Tourism association features a photo not of Spain’s famous southern coast — but of Western Australia.

Turns out the Spaniards snagged the Getty stock image of a beach in Perth and via the magic of retouching — redesigned the (Australian) father and son t-shirts and lightened the sand to make it look more Euro. Designers then added the text: “Congratulations Costa Brava on 100 Years. You really are great” — a nod to the current celebrations marking the region’s century of tourism.


It’s not the first time the Spanish have shopped the globe for beach scenes to pass of as their own. A few weeks back, the Costa Brava folks were forced to scrap a similar campaign after it turned out the beach shots came from the Bahamas.

It appears as if the dodgy — and desperate — Spanish moves are a reaction to desperate times. Owing to the global travel slow-down, Spanish tourism was down 12 percent in usually busy January.

While Spanish tourism officials claim they’re unsure who signed off on the ads, the Spanish public appears far less forgiving — demanding
those responsible resign.

Loco behavior for loco times.


One Response to “BUSTED: Spanish Coast Steals from Down Under”

  1. The least that should happen are for the people responsible for the ad to get fired. I know people are desperate during these times but c’mon now…
    Spain has some amazing beaches, check out Tarifa down south, and you can even see North Africa on a clear day! Transracial, check out this cool little boutique hotel there called La Sacristia. Small rooms but very cool. I think it is a place you would enjoy.
    Back to the photo, for crying out loud, this ad agency responsible should hire a good photographer and shoot some new photos for the campaign!

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