California’s Supreme Court will TODAY begin deliberations over the fate of Proposition 8 — whose passing last November overturned existing legislation legalizing same-sex marriage.

While this battle is noble and necessary, one of its unfortunate side-effects has been the increased — and often vocal — hostility against African Americans by Prop 8 advocates. Despite stats to the contrary, a simple-yet-comprehensive Google search will reveal a very palpable and worrisome atmosphere of bad blood.

Which is why we salute real mavericks like Alice A. Huffman, who as president of the California NAACP has taken a very brave and honorable position in favor of marriage equality. Echoing the words of a generation of civil rights pioneers before here, Huffman recently declared: “We cannot become a society that picks and chooses who is entitled to equal rights…we should include all people from all walks of life in the entitlement to all freedoms now enjoyed by the majority of our population. As a civil rights advocate, we will continue the fight of eliminating roadblocks to freedom.”

Huffman’s vocal support of civil rights for all Californians sends a strong message that battles for equality should unite minority groups — and never drive them apart.

Divide — and you will be conquered!


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