Just when we’d finally gotten the hang of Twitter, we’ve now discovered the newly-lauched site Coathangr.

Still in its infancy, Coathangr is like a Twitter for fashion fans. Rather than update followers with reports of where they are going or what they are doing, Coathangr members let friends know what THEY ARE WEARING.

In development since November, the month-old Coathangr calls itself “Like Twitter with pants” and only went fully public this week.

The brainchild of young Denver bloggers and techies Dave Wiskus and Jay Graves, the site’s early-adopters recently posted bon mots such as:

+ Long-sleeve Packers shirt and jeans — from user Nick H
+ Cleaning clothes — from user Tina
+ Grey undershirt, striped button down from Express. Old glasses, and a terrible haircut — from user kristoferbaxter


+ Weird pirate ski goggles — from user chipd

Graves sees Coathangr as a way for people to immediately identify and embrace trends — with city-specific platforms on the horizon. “We’re still early right now,” Graves says. “We just want to get people up there and see what they do with it.”

Wiskus is more pop-practical: “It kind of began as a joke — Twitter is about what you are doing, why not what you are wearing,” he says.

Wiskus quickly sees Coathangr developing a critical-mass of clothing-connected users. “Nothing attracts a crowd than a crowd,” he adds. “Everyone likes to talk about themselves and this is one more way to do that.”

The site, admittedly, takes voyeurism, exhibitionism and self-indulgence to even more extreme levels.

But in this time of economic austerity — any free fun is good fun!


6 Responses to “DISCOVERED: Coathangr”

  1. Hey, I recognize that post!

  2. transracial Says:


  3. … I always say.. it’s a package deal… you need to have the outfit 🙂

  4. Another thing for me to follow? Not sure there are enough hours left in any day to do this.

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