Our spin around the Armory Show today confirmed that despite the global economic melt-down, the international art arena is still swirling on. Piers 92 and 94 were packed(ish) with sleek and slim art worlders — among them a particularly eye-catching tribe we’re calling the “Dashettes”.

You know the type: Slavic, slender and stiletto-clad. Young, exotic and expensive. Involved, intrigued and invested in the art industry.

Their role model is 27 year-old Dasha Zukhova (above, with uber-gallerist Larry Gagosian), the pouty-lipped model/gallerina/perennial plus-1 of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.

Armed with her good looks, oligarch daddy and deep-pocketed paramour, Zukhova has ascended to art world it-status via a massive new Moscow gallery and her recent appointment as editor-in-chief of Pop magazine in London.

Having scored her own free-pass through the art-o-sphere, Zukhova has generously paved the way for a gaggle of copy-catistas who’ll be in effect at the Armory, Scope and Pulse art fairs all week long. Eager to make their own mark on the art scene, we can expect them — or their funders — to be major Manhattan buyers over the coming days.

We’re keeping our eyes open for their thick manes, directional accessories, black sedans and rough-knuckled suitors throughout Manhattan’s West Side.

Welcome Dashettes. With your luxury hotel suites, Fifth Avenue splurges and Pastis all-nighters — welcome indeed!


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