OPENED: Naples’ Romeo Hotel


Back in the late 1990s, Transracial co-traveled with buds RW (aka Popsquire) and PS on a late summer sojourn through Southern Italy.

Beyond the Greek ruins of Sicily and the grand devastation of Pompeii, some of the most memorable fun was trekking through Naples — the birthplace of pizza.

We never forgot those fun times and are keen to return to Naples ever since — especially with the opening of the new Romeo Hotel.

The 85-room property (above) brings new levels of art and design to a city best known less savory activities (see the new film Gomorra for details).

Romeo’s architecture is courtesy of Japanese modernist master Kenzo Tange, who done up the hideaway with Tabu wood floors and ample glass and marble surfaces. There’s a spa — obvi! — managed by fancy Euro firm Daniela Steiner, roof-top pool with prime Bay of Naples views, and a pair of restaurants including the fancy Italian Il Comandante and Japeanesey Samurai.

Best of all is the Romeo’s blue-chip art collection — filled with ample Mod-Italian big-shots such as Francesco Clemente, Segio Fermiello and Lello Esposito.

We’re on hold with Reservations now!


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