TREND ALERT: Israeli Cosmetics


Israel may be known for many things — fighters, falafel, funny accents — but a nascent player in the skin care industry is not one of them.

At least until now.

According to a (finely-written) report in this weekend’s Financial Times, the tiny Jewish nation is emerging as an unlikely player in this multi-national, multi-billion dollar industry.

Sure, beauty fans are familiar with Ahava — the Dead Sea salt-based skin care brand that is now exanding into free-standing boutiques worldwide. Well, Israel insiders have gone way beyond Ahava and are now bullish on newer, boutique lines including Butai (above), Olia, Laline, Sabon and Yes To Carrots.

We’ve nearly tried them all and can confirm they’re efficacy and refreshing scents. Most brands are available either in top department stores or on-line.

While it’s probably too soon to tell, perhaps the path to Middle Eastern peace is paved with skin toners and exfoliants.


2 Responses to “TREND ALERT: Israeli Cosmetics”

  1. We’re glad you enjoyed Yes To Carrots’ mention in the Financial Times and that you tried some and enjoyed it.

    Would love to send you some free samples as a thank you.

    Here’s the form

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    And thanks again!


    PS. If you are interested, Yes to Carrots is also on Facebook-

    and Twitter (

  2. transracial Says:

    take them up on the offer
    the products are delish

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