In case you were absent on contemporary geopolitics day, the Balkan nation of Montenegro is the world’s newest country — at a mere 2.5 years old, it’s the most recent state to emerge from the mess that was once Yugoslavia.

Back in the ’90s we spent a fun-filled day in Montenegro when it was still part of Serbia — visiting its quaint national palace in the capital Pristina and wowing at its incredibly tall locals!

The place was beautiful, but poor — with lots of soldier-dudes checking our bags at border control.

Flash forward a decade and things have changed — big time. With its pristine coastline, Montenegro is taking a stab at luring luxury yachters and vacationers back to its shores. Splashy new developments are being built with the goal of turning Montenegro into an Eastern European version of Monaco.

Good luck!

In the meantime, there is hotel news to report. And it’s good. The ultra-luxe, deeply-fabulous Aman chain has opened the first portion of their three-part resort epic known as Aman Sveti Stefan (above). Located on its own private island, the former fishing village will ultimately become an uber-exclusive 47-room hideaway. The new villa — Villa Milocer — was originally built as a royal summer residence and has just six rooms as was used as a summer retreat for Yugo leader Tito!

Look for the rest of Aman Sveti to open by summer and a Four Seasons by 2010.

Just what we like to hear.


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