Israeli Gay Couple Granted Adoption Rights — 14 Years Later


It may have taken 14 years, but Uzi Evan, Amit Kama and their adopted son Yossi Even-Kama (all above) are finally a family.

In a historic and heart-warming move today, the Israeli Supreme Court has approved the adoption request for Even-Kama — 14 years after he came to live with the Gay couple as a foster son. At the time, the then 15 year old Even-Kama came into the couple’s home after being cast away by his own family when he came out of the closet.

Since then, Evan and Kama — a university professor and doctor living just outside Tel Aviv — have been petitioning Israel’s Supreme Court to legally adopt the teenager, now 30 years old.

The move not only confirms the legality of the Even-Kama family, but sets an important precedent for GLBT adoption in Israel itself.

“The right to adopt is a fundamental right. This is an immensely important step towards state-recognition of gay families,” said Knesset Member Nitzan Horowitz, who welcomed the court’s decision in an interview with Israel’s leading Yedioth Aharanot newspaper.

Mazal tov to them all!

9 Responses to “Israeli Gay Couple Granted Adoption Rights — 14 Years Later”

  1. Logitech Says:

    Who’s the old man?

  2. Yossi is kind of cute.

  3. why is it so hard to be equal?
    you’d think it would not have taken so long to extend a true human right.
    His dad’s have already raised him by the time he’s legally their son.
    Imagine if you had to parent children to adulthood before you could call them your children.

    • transracial Says:

      yes, fersure
      but equality is not enough!
      we must also work to transform our world beyond the current status quo
      at least i think so

  4. […] After a two-year judicial process–and 14 years after adopting first adopting their son–a court in Ramat Gan has permitted the first adoption by a gay couple in Israel. This decision will allow Yossi Even-Kama to receive the full benefits as a child of his adoptive parents, Prof. Uzi Even and Dr. Amit Kama. The full import of this decision remains to be seen, but it undoubtedly brings closer the full recognition of the GLBT family within Israeli society. (Hat tip on this post to the Towleroad blog and Transracial.) […]

  5. Amazing! Congrats to them!

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