AT RISK: Indian Women


Recent reports out of southern India suggest a growing and worrisome trend of violence against Indian women at the hands of rampaging Hindu nationalists. According to witnesses, Indian women in the port city of Mangalore are being attacked by Hindu (male) zealots unhappy with their modern dress, customs and lifestyle.

Attacks have taken place in night clubs and other symbols of 21st century social mobility with victims often winding up in intensive care.

Messed up!

The trend is particularly disturbing as Mangalore was once considered one of India’s most progressive cities. Now, women are being “beaten for talking to men on public buses, in coffee shops and theatres. Young women also say they are being watched on school campuses by strangers, who aggressively warn them against talking to Muslims,” according to journalists.

Sociologists blame the violence on a rising gap between rich and poor and as an act of frustration by India’s destitute and disefranchised.

We hope the anti-woman violence ends immediately and that it serves as a wake-up call for continued programs to eradicate poverty and boost social spending in the subcontinent.

Most of those slumdogs — the ain’t no millionaires!


2 Responses to “AT RISK: Indian Women”

  1. Caitanya dasa Says:

    Why don’t you realize that this modern western culture is demoniac and is destroying the morality of India? I am an American who was recently in Mangalore, and yes, the youth there are very degraded. They are imitating the sinful culture of the West and giving up their own divine Vedic culture. Women should NOT be allowed to dress in western dress because it makes them look like prostitutes. If you dress like prostitutes, don’t be surprised if you are treated like one.

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