WORD OF THE DAY: “Mondo Armani”


New Yorker scribe Patricia Marx describes the new Armani New York flagship (above) as “Mondo Armani” in this week’s issue — an ode to its massive, 65,000 square feet of retail space.

While we support Marx’s embrace of Italian nomenclature to qualify the most Italian of designers, we can’t help feel as if she — if not we — could have done better.

“Mondo” is a cutesy way to describe FIfth Avenue’s new Armani-verse, but we think it falls far short of “Prada-topia” — the nickname Transracial himself coined to describe Prada’s own massive Manhattan flagship in SoHo when it opened earlier this decade.

Which do you think wins out? “Mondo Armani” or “Prada-topia”

Let us know — we won’t be offended.


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