TREND ALERT: Yurt-Cations


Our inbox just received details about a truly novel vacation option in Baja California — beachfront vacation yurts.


Set on the azure Sea of Cortez, the Tibetan-styled tents are part of the Las Animas Wilderness Retreat — an uber-remote eco-sanctuary on the Northwest Baja coast.

How remote? Well, no-roads and private airplane required remote.

But don’t worry if you’ve cancelled your NetJets membership. Las Animas has its own plane that takes guests from their San Diego base to a slim airstrip close to the resort where they clear customs and get ready to relax in one of eight beachfront yurts.

Not quite luxe — but far from roughing it — each yurt has a private bathroom, solar shower, twin and king-size beds and patios with hammocks. Guests mix and mingle around a central palapa — which serves as a kitchen, central dining area, cantina bar, and lounge.

When not yurting, visitors are mostly getting communal with nature — including 50 different bird species and 10 kinds of whales accessed via small boat excursions to isolated islands and coves.

Also on the marine life menu: Dolphins, sea lions, sea turtles and manta rays.

Sounds fun.

Baja AirVentures: or call 1-800-221-9283.


4 Responses to “TREND ALERT: Yurt-Cations”

  1. glampinggirl Says:

    This place looks like fun. Yurts are so polpular now!

  2. transracial Says:

    they are indeed!

  3. Love it! And if folks really want to get yurty, they can be bought pre-manufactured quite reasonably….….We have fantasized about erecting a yurt on our property for years, but have just been too busy to pull it off. Would make such a cool guest house…

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