AFRICAN INGENUITY (2): Self-Propelled Mini Generators in Malawi


Malawian innovator Dr. Cedrick Ngalande has taken DIY to whole new levels. His nifty new gadget — the Green Erg generator — helps people self-generate much needed power in areas far off of conventional
electricity grids.

Harnessing the literal power of movement, the generator is attached to users as they walk around in their everyday lives (see above), storing up enough juice for daily cell phone or radio usage.

We admit, the contraption is a bit odd looking. But its sheer simplicity means it can be modified and attached to…say…cattle or bikes for the same energy-harnessing purposes without the dire fashion consequences.

Dr. Ngalande’s design is clever and important and joins a growing list of human-powered energy sources now being tested from Africa to Asia.


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