In New York City, socialites of color are as rare as…well…socialites of size. Which is why we were very pleased to see long-time lady-about-town Susan Fales-Hill representin’ the Upper East Side in this week’s Time Out New York.

And that is just the beginning. In a small profile, the tony Transracial (patrician Yankee papa, Haitian mama) not only declares her 10021 bona fides, she does so in their most esteemed canteen — Le Cirque.

Calling herself a longtime “regular”, Fales-Hill — an author, screenwriter and producer — lauds Le Cirque’s legendary owner Sirio Maccioni and his immediate intimacy with every guest.

Fales-Hill calls dining at Le Cirque — where she’s partial to a grilled minute steak and Kir Royale taken in the bar — a “Proustian madeleine experience; that comforting moment from our past.”

With our own Le Cirque history, we can (kinda/sorta) concur — having visited the restaurant’s latest home in October; where we also encountered Woody Allen and Bill Cosby!

Best of all, Transracial is curious who he’ll see tonight at Le Cirque, where he’s dining with his trusty Transracial plus-1 on a new menu crafted by new chef Craig Hopson, formerly of Picholine and Artisanal. The fancy eating fetes Le Cirque’s 35th anniversary.

Perhaps Fales-Hill will greet us from her long-time bar perch.


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