Selecting a restaurant as our Daily Transracial is certainly novel — but makes a lot of sense when that restaurant is The Double Club in London.

The newish boite could not be more multi-culti, talent-packed, on-trend and globally inspired!

Here’s a breakdown:

+ It’s a “pop-up” restaurant — meaning the Double Club will only be around until July. “Pop-up” boutiques, restaurants and bars are very of-the-moment (at least a few moments ago).

+ It’s got some serious — and seriously eclectic — benefactors behind it: The Guaranty Trust Bank of Nigeria and the Fondazione Prada.
Cash and chic — we like it.

+ Restaurant consultants include ultra-insider types such as Mourad Mazouz of London’s legendary Momo (trust us, he’s big!)

+ The overall concept is by fiery-hot artist Carston Holler — who recently showed at the Tate Modern — who has designed the Double Club with as much an emphasis on art as on cuisine.

+ And then there’s the food itself — totally Transracial thanks to a pair of chefs: the uber-English David Jones of Yorkshire and Pepe Kasongo of Katanga, in southern Congo.


Both work to create an unusual and unusually complimentary menu where items such as a veal chops with creamed leeks is equally at home with chicken bouakee, a traditional Congolese dish pairing the braised fowl with plantains and rice.

We dig the Double Club’s embrace of the local and global and salute its truly Transracial kinda vibe.


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