TREND ALERT: Afghani Fashions


Fashion Weeks in the US and Europe are coming to an end — and with them an end to the gloomy retail scene worldwide. But one unexpected bright spot managed to emerge from London: The beginnings of a viable fashion industry in the war-torn nation of Afghanistan.

Indeed, a trio of Afghani or Afghanistan-produced lines showed their wares in London this month — three year-old Zarif, the finely-embroidered Tarsian & Blinkley brand and the unfortunately-named but surprisingly comprehensive Awwson Design collective.

Zarif (above), is the brainchild of Afghani Zolaykha Sherzad, who is hoping to show her nation’s fashion in a more positive light — focusing on quality of materials and craftsmanship rather than burkas or garments of oppression.

All three lines — well still relatively unknown — are providing much-needed employment opportunities to Afghanistan’s still cloistered female artisans.

Good luck.


2 Responses to “TREND ALERT: Afghani Fashions”

  1. florence Says:

    I am a big admirer of afghani embroidery: one of the finest. I am delighted to see that the young generation is keeping this art alive and providing much needed jobs to the women!

  2. transracial Says:

    as do you check out this great brand

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