GET READY FOR: A Valentino Moment


Before there was Armani, Versace or Cavalli — there was Valentino, the legendary sartorialist from Rome who basically put Italian fashion on the style map.

Although he retired from the runway a few years back, the ultra-extravagant fashionisto remains a perennial pop culture presence — and is soon to be once again all-over-the-place.

Why? Because of Valentino: The Last Emperor, a feature-length documentary premiering this week in a theater near you.

Helmed by Vanity Fair scribe Matt Tynauer, The Last Emperor chronicles Valentino and his entourage as they span the globe house-hopping, runway-prepping and…prego…clothes designing.

At Valentino’s side is trusty companion Giancarlo Giametti — his partner in crime for nearly 50 years — and famously-fab PR man Carlos Souza, whom Transracial knows personally from his earlier life downtown.

Read all about Valentino’s never-ending ascent in this week’s New York magazine.


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