Thirty two-year old Rashida Jones (above), is not only Transracial (dad is African American musical legend Quincy Jones/mom is former Mod Squad star Peggy Lipton) — but she’s a JewLatto (Black and Jewish), just like Transracial himself.

Lucky her!

Having made her initial media mark on Boston Public and The Office, Jones will this week appear in cinemas in the new comedy I love You Man with the delightfully dishy Paul Rudd.

Debuting on Friday, Jones’ turn as Rudd’s fiance marks another example of much-needed color-blind casting and could perhaps be the career-turning role Jones needs to conquer the big screen as she’s done the small.

Good luck!


6 Responses to “DAILY TRANSRACIAL: Rashida Jones”

  1. It was Boston Public, not Boston Common…

  2. And Peggy Lipton was in Mod Squad, not Avengers. Avengers was Diana Rigg.

  3. Mark Silverman Says:

    It’s sort of silly to say it is “color blind” casting when Rashida Jones plays Paul Rudd’s wife in a film. If Queen Latifa played Paul Rudd’s wife maybe that would be “blind casting.” I didn’t even know Rashida Jones was half black. I really don’t think anybody else does either. Maybe people that know her father is Quincy Jones might know. I think you are thinking way too much about race here.

  4. transracial Says:

    interesting observation

    not sure if i am “too much” about race here

    that is, kinda, the point of the posting

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