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TREND ALERT: Sky Nannies

Posted in NEWS on April 30, 2009 by transracial


Transracial is always on the look out for new and noteworthy airline innovations including this doozy we’ve just learned of: Sky Nannies.

It appears as if Gulf Air — which share home bases in the Arabian Gulf nations of Bahrain and Oman — has launched an in-flight babysitting program to give air-weary parents some relief. On-board “Sky Nannies” play with kiddie fliers throughout the flight and keep them occupied with games, puzzles and other youthful fun.

We flew Gulf Air a few years back to Muscat — and while we certainly enjoyed our front-of-the-cabin location, there was sadly no one on-board dedicated to our entertainment.



Posted in NEWS on April 29, 2009 by transracial


Fresh out of Kenya comes Sembuse, which has just launched and is being billed as the first-ever social networking platform developed by Africans, for Africans in both African and the African diaspora.

Based on conventional SMS platform technology, Sembuse allows users to text some 1,000 individual characters in a single message — up form 160 — at far lower costs.

The sytem both allows users to share more of their daily lives as well as advertisers to convey more content-rich messages.

Win-win for consumers and commercial supporters — both essential components of any viable business.

Good luck.

STYLE ALERT: Sophie Théallet

Posted in WE SUPPORT on April 29, 2009 by transracial


Gracias to the ladies over at for alerting us to the work — and wisdom — of French-born/US-based fashion designer Sophie Théallet.

Not only is the former Alaia right-hand a favorite of Mrs. O herself — in one of Théallet’s designs at today’s Sojourner Truth celebratory event — but Théallet totally bucked fashion industry fascism and presented her last collection on black models only.

Right on!

We salute this Gallic gem and are exciting to learn more about both her talent and commitment to sartorial justice.


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Way down in viewership and clamoring for revived cultural relevance, MTV has picked English model Alexa Chung to host a new pop-culture-meets-media-2.0 show beginning June 15.

Dubbed “The Alexa Chung Show”, the daily gab-fest will feature Chung mixing and mingling with all kinds of pop-culture types while interacting view views back home via all sort of social-networking platforms.

Twenty-five year old Chung — who is mixed English and Chinese — comes to MTV after an impressive career with Britain’s Channel Four.

WE ASK: Is Chung — one of four kids — related to ultra-hottie Transracial Karen Chung, a British writer with whom we worked regularly at Wallpaper?

If anyone knows, please do share.

REBRANDED IN ISRAEL: Swine Flu to be Called “Mexican Flu”

Posted in NEWS on April 27, 2009 by transracial


Israel is on high alert as the first suspected cases of Swine Flu begin to appear in the Jewish nation. But ever mindful of religious law, Deputy Health Minister Yakov Litzman has asked that Israelis call the affliction “Mexican Flu” rather than “Swine Flu”.

How Kosher!

Minister Litzman — an ultra-Orthodox Jew — said Israel is prepared to battle the virus if it strikes the nation to its core.

No word on whether potential “Shellfish flu” outbreaks are also under threat of renaming.

DAILY TRANSRACIAL: Table 8’s Govind Armstrong

Posted in DAILY TRANSRACIAL on April 27, 2009 by transracial


Transracial and AG spent Saturday night a la table at Table 8, the new restaurant at the hip Cooper Square Hotel.

We arrived early and sat at the raw bar — where a lovely lady prepared fresh sashimi and small plates of cured meats — and enjoyed the talents of chef Govind Armstrong, who’s recently arrived from LA.

Born in the US — but of mixed Costa Rican, Indian and African American heritage — Armstrong has wowed West Coasters with his new take on California cuisine and reggae-star good looks. A protege of Wolfgang Puck and Spain’s red-hot Juan Mari Arzak, Armstrong is one of the rare celeb chefs of color and we’re glad he’s arrived in Gotham.

Our chicken dish was tasty, as was AG’s special order of soft-shell crabs. The bar stools, however, might need an ergonomic rethink.

Good luck!

LAUNCHED: Pet Airways

Posted in NEWS on April 23, 2009 by transracial


Even as the travel industry spirals downwards, odd new concepts continue to emerge — including the latest, Pet Airways.

Launched this past week, the new airline is the first-ever aimed directly at transporting pets in the air. The idea is that instead of being relegated to B-list seating with check-on luggage or in over-head bins, beloved pets are placed squarely in the main cabin, totally first-class style.

For the moment Pet Airways can deliver favored animals between nearly 50 city pairs in comfort, style and security.