Although Transracial-in-Chief Obama may be getting all of the attention in London this week at the G20 summit, our eyes and ears will be focused on South African Minister of Finance Trevor Manuel (above).

He comes to London to help represent his home nation — the only African country participating in the G20 political-confab.

Manuel’s presence in London confirms his importance as the main mind behind South Africa’s dramatic growth since the end of Apartheid more than a decade ago. Indeed, in office now for some 13 years, Manuel — of mixed ethnic ancestry — is poof positive of the need for African minds to help solve African problems.

A former African National Congress activist — who spent years in jail defying South Africa’s Apartheid regime — Manuel literally helped draw up the legislation that has taken South Africa from a bastion of oppression to bastion of opportunity.

We salute his efforts and high-five this Transracial economic powerhouse.


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